Goldensea Chemicals International Limited

Team & Vision

In Goldensea Chemicals, We do everything safely and efficiently to maximize our customers' satisfication.

We are a key part of our employees’ lives and valued by our
 community striving to treat these critical stakeholders with the utmost trust and respect while generating economic value in return for individual investment and community support.

We recognize it is our customers who enable our existence, and we relentlessly pursue innovation to exceed their expectations in terms of quality, service, support and delivery, nurtured by a culture that fosters commitment excellence and the unwavering passion of our employees.

We will grow our business, leveraging the knowledge and capabilities of our employees to create value for customers, employees, shareholders and the community.

Our  Philosophy:

We are dedicated to developing a corporate culture and environment that constantly enhances and enables our employees to grow in knowledge and business ability to achieve our goals with enthusiasm and professionalism." To focus on " quality first, service first".

Our Culture:

Goldensea Chemicals has developed a corporate culture system based on the advanced international management process and system known as Execution Management Principle "EMP", which is a tool to measure achievement, evaluate employees, carry-out advanced strategic planning & execute business orders as ISO standard. It has become the core of our corporate culture and business language.

Our  Team:

Goldensea Chemicals attracts excellent technically qualified specialists from a diversity of backgrounds. Each business employee has a comprehensive knowledge not only of the products handled but also of the markets of they serve to have rich experience in international business regulation, management, finance and legal affaires, as well as great understanding of market economy and regulatory system. They can thoroughly operate each business opportunity and plan successfully and professionally. On the ground powerful technical support is available to Goldensea Chemicals all products sales development.

Our Vision:

Goldensea Chemicals has a worldwide network and dedicated employees to give you exceptional high levels of customer service and support.