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Product name : Accelerator DPG
Item : 202287173147
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Rubber Accelerator DPG
Chemicals Name: Diphenylguanidine
CAS NO: 102-06-7
Application: The antiscorcher of natural and synthetic rubber, it can work with sulphenamide and thiazole type of accelerants to control the security, prevent early vulcanization and offer no bad effects in vulcanization and performance of cured rubber. It can greatly improved the stability of non-vulcanization rubber materials during the period of storage and reduce the waste quantity of materials. Dosage 0.1-0.3 portions. It offers no pollution.
For detailed information on toxicological and handling precautions please refer to current Safety Data Sheet.
Store DPG in single stacked pallets in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area, avoiding exposure of the packaged product to direct sunlight.
Package: plastic film bag lined PP woven bag, 25kg/bag.
Remark: For detailed technical specification sheet and material safety data sheet, please contact our sales area manager respectively.

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