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Product name : Antioxidant DTPD
Item : 202286223820
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Rubber Antioxidant DTPD
Chemicals name: N, N'-ditolyl-p-phenylenediamine (mixture)
CAS RN: [27417-40-9]
Main properties:
Antioxidant DTPD(3100) is para phenylene diamine anti-aging agent, chloroprene adhesive antiozonidate. It is high efficient anti-aging agent in tyre industry and can also be applied to various rubber products.
Antioxidant DTPD(3100) is with good long-term performance especially when it is combined with anti-aging agent 4020 or 4010NAl : l, which is the best ozone resistance system to improve lifespan of the tyre. It is because that the two types is with synergistic effect to phenylene diamine, the anti-aging agent 4020 or 4010NA offering necessary short-term safety activate in the early stage and anti-aging agent DTPD will effect protective function for long.
Since both sides of benzene ring of antioxidant DTPD(3100) molecular structure cause one or two solubilizing gene, its solubility greatly increases in rubber and crocking is low. Large dosage is allowable in glue stuff.
Due to lowl alkalinity, antioxidant DTPD(3100) has little effect to vulcanization and scorching, especially since it is with strongest metal poison resistance para phenylene diamine of anti-aging agent group in long effective time, it is specially suitable to load tyre, off-highway tyre and kinds of radial tyres and bias belted tyres requiring hard conditions.
Antioxidant DTPD(3100) can also completely overcome the default of red tyre appearance of anti-aging agent 4010NA and 4020.
Storage conditions:
Keep ventilated, dry place, storage period for one year.
In woven bag lined with polyethylene bag or kraft paper compound bag.
Net weight: 25 kg
Remark: For detailed technical specification sheet and material safety data sheet, please contact our sales area manager respectively.

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