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Polyethylene Wax, also known as PE Wax, is an ultra low molecular weight polyethylene consisting of ethylene monomer chains. PE wax has a large variety of uses and applications. PE Wax is available from on-purpose production and as a byproduct of polyethylene production. This material is available in both HDPE and LDPE forms.As there are many grades and types available from Goldensea Chemicals, please inquire so that one of our knowledgeable representatives can assist you in locating the correct grade that matches your requirements.

Polyethylene Wax (PE Wax) is polyethylene that is very low in molecular weight. PE waxes are typically used as additives to modify properties of compounds in a wide variety of applications. PE Wax can be manufactured directly from ethylene monomer, degraded from higher molecular weight polyethylene or recovered and refined from polyethylene resin production. PE wax can have a range of densities, viscosity and melt points  depending on the linearity and chain length of the backbone ethylene chain and by incorporating other monomers or functional groups onto the polymer. Our polyethylene waxes are mainly through the refining of material recovered from polyethylene resin production.
These polyethylene grades have been formulated to provide maximum rub and mar resistance as well as gloss retention and anti-blocking properties. They are versatile, have excellent recoatibility and allow for higher processing temperatures when compared to synthetic waxes.The wax can be used as a slip agent, disperant, resin modifier, and mold release agent due to its molecular structure, which enables it to outperform natural waxes.

Remark: For detailed technical specification sheet and material safety data sheet, please contact our sales area manager respectively.

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