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Fischer-Tropsch (FT) wax is a synthetic wax produced by the polymerization of carbon monoxide under high pressure; this is the technology used in the emerging natural Gas to Liquid (GTL) projects. The hydrocarbon product of FT reaction is distilled to separate the mix into fuels products and waxes with melting points ranging from about 45 - 106ºC.

Currently FT waxes are commercially produced in large volumes in South Africa and Malaysia, as well as in China with over 20k MT consumed in the US.Uses are including hot-melt adhesives and additives for inks and coatings. High quality competitive wax products targeted at the needs of a variety of industries and application areas. The combination of a high melting point, low viscosity and excellent hardness, even at elevated temperatures, provides superior performance in a variety of applications. State of the art fractionation, micronisation and modification render a wide range of waxes with different physical and chemical characteristics. High quality competitive wax products targeted at the needs of a variety of industries and application areas.

Fischer-Tropsch is a method for the synthesis of hydrocarbons and other aliphatic compounds from synthesis gas,a mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide in the presence of a catalyst. The hydrogen-carbon monoxide gas mixture is obtained by coal gasification or natural gas reforming.Synthesized hydrocarbons are fractionated to different grades of FT waxes with chain length up to C100, qualified by their saturated-linear chains, free of aromatics, sulphurs and nitrogens.Modification and micronisation also render to grades.

Properties of FT waxes: High saturation and linearity,Thermal stability at high temperature,Long chain length,Long molecular weight,High melting point,Hardness,Low surface tension,Low viscosity at high temperature. Major applications include:Rubber Industry,Cosmetics, Inks,Paints & Coatings, Polyolefin, PVC & Masterbatch Processing, Hot Melt Adhesive, Polish,etc.

Goldensea Chemicals can supply various grades Fischer Tropsch Wax with full range melting point.Welcome any inquiry regarding purchase, market situation or technical improvement discussion.

Remark: For detailed technical specification sheet and material safety data sheet, please contact our sales area manager respectively.

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