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Product name : Silane Coupling Agent
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Silane coupling agents belong to a class of organosilane compounds having at least two reactive groups of different types bonded to the silicon atom in a molecule. One of the reactive groups of different types (ex. methoxy, ethoxy and silanolic hydroxy groups) is reactive with various inorganic materials such as glass, metals, silica sand and the like to form a chemical bond with the surface of the inorganic material while the other of the reactive groups (ex, vinyl, epoxy, methacryl, amino and mercapto groups) is reactive with various kinds of organic materials or synthetic resins to form a chemical bond.

As a result of possessing these two types of reactive groups, silane coupling agents are capable of providing chemical bonding between an organic material and an inorganic material.This unique property of silane coupling agents is utilized widely in the application of the silane coupling agents for the surface treatment of glass fiber products,performance improvement of fiber-reinforced plastics by the direct admixture to the synthetic resin, improvement of paints and other coating materials and adhesives,modification of surface properties of inorganic fillers, surface priming of various substrate materials, etc.When a silane coupling agent is used in a thermosetting resin-based fiber-reinforced material, remarkable improvements are obtained in the mechanical and electrical properties of the material and the effect is more remarkable when the material is used in a wet or humid condition.

Our  silane coupling agents cover  sulfur type of silane, amino silane, vinyl silane, epoxy silane, alkyl silane and phenyl silane, methyl acryloyl oxygen radicals silane, silane crosslinking agent and silane coupling agent intermediates 9types,more than 70 kinds of products.Product are widely used in paint coatings, printing ink, rubber products, adhesives and tires, modified plastics, textile printing and dyeing, oil field industry, casting, and other industrial products manufacturing and so on more than 50 industries.Application of silane coupling agents to thermoplastic resin-based fiber-reinforced materials is also actively performed along with the efforts to develop a silane coupling agent having further enhanced coupling effects.


Silane coupling agents chemical department currently is running 70 types products. Mainly depends on the development for organic silicon and application of multi-functional pilot production workshop, laboratory technical support and application development support.

Our factory in strictly regulated by the government supervision and administration of production safety and environmental protection bureau. After years of reform and upgrade. All the devices, raw material storage area, product loading area have realized DCS control and safety dynamic detection, has set up complete  off-gas treatment system, production wastewater treatment systems and by-products deep processing equipment; has got ISO9001 and ISO14001 system certificate.

Remark: For detailed technical specification sheet and material safety data sheet, please contact our sales area manager respectively.

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