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Paraffin waxes are complex mixtures of many substances. They mainly consist of saturated hydrocarbons. These crude oil derivatives are purified and refined by modern, environmentally friendly technology (e. g. high pressure hydrogenation).Paraffin waxes are used in dozens of applicatons including:candles, corrugated box,paper coating,board sizing,matches, hot melts,cosmetics,rubber and many other applications.Goldensea paraffins are selected for their purity and consistent quality.

Paraffin waxs are separated from crude oil during the production of light (distillate) lubricating oils.These waxes are categorized by oil content and the degree of refinement.The crudest versions fall into the slack wax categor and contain between 5% to 20% oil. Next on the step of refinement are scale waxes containing from 1% to 5% oil.The highest grade of refinement is the fully refined wax. Fully refined paraffin waxes contain less than 0.5% oil and have been hydrotreated or clay treated to remove impurities and color.The resulting waxes are water clear , odor free, and normally food grade. 

Goldensea Chemicals Fully refined paraffin waxes typically have a low oil content (below .5% by weight), good color (+28 min ASTM), and are very hard. Most will meet FDA requirements 178.3710 (for use in contact with food) and 172.886 (for use in food). These types of waxes offer a variety of beneficial properties in numerous applications. 

 For detailed technical specification sheet and material safety data sheet, please contact our sales area manager respectively.

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